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Dunlop introduces its first pure on-road touring tyre, the GrandTrek PT3, designed for SUVs. The tyre offers a high level of comfort, handling & stability, has a long wear life and an excellent wet braking performance.

Get it today and have a comfortable journey.

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18 255/55R18 109V TL
18 235/55R18 100V TL x
18 225/55R18 98V TL x
18 285/60R18 116V TL x
18 265/60R18 110H TL x
18 255/60R18 112V TL
18 235/60R18 107V TL x
17 215/60R17 96H TL x
17 275/65R17 115H TL x
17 265/65R17 112H TL x
17 245/65R17 107H TL x
17 235/65R17 108V TL x
17 225/65R17 102H TL x
17 265/70R17 115S TL x
16 235/60R16 100H TL x
16 215/60R16 95H TL x
16 215/65R16 98H TL x
16 265/70R16 112H TL x
16 215/70R16 100H TL x
15 205/70R15 96H TL x

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